In today’s world, there are several news providing sites. Well, these sites are quite reliable and trusted one’s. But, sometimes while going through FeedNews and Opera News portal the user may be directed to another news site That is why various questions such as safety issues arise. So, here in this article we are going to dive deep to know more about It’s features, working process and more. Stay connected to learn more about the news portal. 

    Know About is a news providing website. It uses CDN which stands for content delivery network. It is a distributed network of servers that has been placed all over the globe to help in delivering news content. The domain is directly linked to FeedNews. Which means its main purpose is to provide news to the users quickly.    

    The Salient Characteristics 

    The News portal has various features and benefits to offer. Well, the main key highlights of the Cdn used news portal are as follows: 

    • Fast Loading: The portal uses CDN, which makes the content easily available to the user from the nearby server. It saves a lot of time and makes content delivery faster.
    • Increase Reliability: It ensures that the content is made available to the user even if one server goes down. As the information is distributed to various multiple servers, which makes it more reliable and fast. 
    • No Advertisement: The user does not have to face any advertising page while accessing or reading the news, It is what makes it more popular and user friendly.   
    • Reduces Bandwidth Cost:  The feednews uses Cdn to reduce the bandwidth amount. Well, it automatically reduces bandwidth cost. 
    • User Experience: The use of Cdn reflects better user experience. The content is delivered quickly and the information is also reliable. 

    How does work? uses caching. It means the content is stored on servers which are closer to users. It is done to quickly access the information. Using this process the load on the origin server is less and the website performance also enhances. The users are navigated to CDN domain when requested the content from FeedNews site. 

    The CDN checks the content whether it is cached on any server or not. When it detects that server is close to the user location. The content is delivered from that server. If the CDN does not have the content available then the result is visible directly from the origin server.   

    The Access Procedure

    The news portal is easy to use and access as well. The user just needs to follow these simple steps to avail the benefits of the news site. The steps are as follows: 

    • From an Internet connected device, open a Browser of your own choice
    • In the search bar option type “” 
    • The user will be directly navigated to the official Cdn feednews site
    • Once the official site appears on the screen, one can go through various news articles to keep themselves updated with the information around themselves. 

    Is it Legal and Safe?

    Yes, is safe to use and it is also a legal site. Well, as it is a news portal which provides information without accessing any personal information. It also works on the basis of cdn network. So, in such cases there is no threat to the news portal user. The information shared on the news site is reliable as it gathers information from trustworthy sources. 


    In conclusion, is a news portal which uses a content delivery network. It is mainly used to provide information on time with reliable content. Well, to ensure fast news delivery the  platform uses various servers. Moreover, its working procedure, Access process, features and much more information has been mentioned above. So go through the article for brief information. 


    All the information surrounding is well researched. It is provided for informational purposes only. Moreover, as it is a news portal it is considered a safe site. However, one can visit the official page to recheck the provided information.