Money and Fame are the two vital parts of one’s living. But more than this, the most important thing for living is Health. Every other person should know the importance of health care. In this technologically developed world, keeping your health reports up to date has become quite easy. Many such platforms have been introduced till date. One of those platforms introduced specially for the people of gujarat is login. Here, in this article we dive deep to know more about, its features, login procedure and more. 

    What is login? login here stands for “Technology for Enhancing Community Health Operation Plus”. It has been designed to improve key health indicators in Gujarat state. It is done to achieve better health outcomes for the citizens. Well, it is a comprehensive public health solution that resolves the challenges of timely and provide high quality healthcare. The application speeds up the Involved process by enabling virtual communication between Patients and medical professionals.  

    Features of login 

    The features are the main highlights of any online platform. It decides the success rate of the platform in the long run. So, mentioned below are few of the features of login: 

    • Quick Registration: The user whether a patient or not, they can proceed with a quick registration through the application or the website. 
    • Real Time Data Entry: The Health professionals have to enter the data in both form i.e Online and Offline form. They even need to proceed with every day log in as the required daily work is scheduled on the application itself. 
    • Track Beneficiaries: It also happens to track beneficiaries and their movements. It tracks the reports of the patients to provide immunizations and other services. 
    • Access of Medical Reports: The platform also provides an opportunity to have access to their medical reports anytime and from anywhere. 
    • Appointment Status Tracking: Through the website, the patient can have their appointment records in hand. No need to roam from Hospital to Home just for an appointment. Techno+ makes it easy for each section of the society. 

    The Registration Process

    To access the above mentioned features and benefits one first needs to access the site. Well, to access the site one follow these steps: 

    • From an Internet connected device, visit the official page
    • Once the homepage is visible, the user can Download the Techno+ application from the given option. 
    • Hence, once the application is successfully downloaded, the user can launch the app. 
    • The user will find the login page visible on their screen. Under the login page one may find the Registration option visible. 
    • As the registration form is visible on the screen, the user needs to fill in the form with the required information. Such as: Mobile Number, Name, and other information. 
    • Then, click on the Send OTP option to verify the user number. Now, the user is successfully registered on Techno+. 

    Access Procedure: login 

    Once the registration process is completed, the user may now login into their account without any hassle. To do so, one may follow the steps given below: 

    • From an Internet connected device, open any preferred browser. 
    • Search and Navigate to the official login page. 
    • Once the official dashboard appears on the screen, the user may now fill in the required Username and Password to be logged in into their Techno+ account. 
    • Click on Login option and hence the user can now avail the platform benefits without fail. 

    Benefits of login 

    The usage of any online platform comes up with their own benefits. So, few of the benefits of login are mentioned below: 

    • Time Saving: The patient or user may get their reports beforehand. They do not need to visit the offices or stand in a queue. This may save a lot of time and efforts of the people. 
    • Accountability and Transparency: The platform believes in accountability and transparency. The information present over the platform can not be accessed by any third party. 
    • Cost Effectiveness: The online health platform reduces administrative costs. It streamlines the process, reduces physical paperwork and saves time of the people and government as well. This is done after digitizing government services. 
    • Empowerment: The health platform gives easy access to information to promote citizen participation in government. 

    Disclaimer: “All the information shared above regarding login is well researched. The article is for informational purpose only. Furthermore, one may visit the official site before relying on the given information.”  


    In conclusion, login is a web based application. It increases the functionality of healthcare services. Well, the application has been developed for the citizens of Gujarat Specifically. Moreover, from its key highlights to benefits and access procedure, all the information has been shared above in detail. So, one may go through the article before accessing the official application.