Bittu Bajrangi is a cow vigilante and Bajrang dal activist. He is also the chief of Gau Raksha Bajrang force. He has been known for being the cow vigilant and today we will collect some more details about him. It includes his Physical Appearance, family information, Trending news and viral video of him. So, check out the information available below. 

    Bittu Bajrangi Biography

    The real name of Bittu Bajrangi is Raj Kumar. He was born on 4 April 1978. He belongs to Hindu religion and Indian nationality. His zodiac sign is Aries.  However, he is known as the Bittu by the majority of people. He has been an important part of the assembly that was coordinated by Vishva Hindu Parishad at the time of new common viciousness in Nuh. He was caught by the police when Nuh Savagery happened. 

    Physical Appearance 

    Bittu is 5 feet 9 inches tall and weighs around 80 kg. He is bald and his eye colour is black. 

    Family Details 

    The information about Bittu’s family is not available but with the help of some sources we found that he is married and has a little girl. However, there are no details of her as well. Therefore, we will present the updates regarding his family details as soon as we find them. 

    Bittu Bajrangi News 

    After some days of Nuh Savagery, police captured him and visited his home. By seeing the police at home, Bittu got surprised and started running but the police caught him. It was captured on camera and the court sent him for a one day remand on the next day of his arrest. As per the reports he took part in conversation with his 20 friends in the meeting that Vishwa Hindu Parishad coordinated in Nuh. They carried weapons like swords and it looked as if they were bursting out of savagery. In addition, he and his associates snatched the weapons from police at the time of Savagery. because of it, there are numerous people who got harmed with conflict happening between two gatherings. He became a significant suspect after this incident. 

    Viral video

    As per the reports it is said that Bittu has posted the video just before one day of the rally, and that was the biggest cause of the violent outbreak in Nuh. Although, he was not imprisoned for posting any inflammatory video, but because of carrying harmful weapons for a religious procession. The police took weapons from him and his friends before the outbreak and they snatched the weapons back from them at the time of the outbreak of Nuh Violence.  In the viral video of Bittu, he could be seen for provoking the community of muslims with his inflammatory words ” tumhara Jija aa raha hai.” He used such words to make them feel anger and begin violence. After the capture, the Vishva Hindu parishad refused to accept that Biitu was an essential part of their gatherings. In addition, they said that the Bittu posted that video about Nuh savagery was not good and suitable. even though they said that Bittu was using their association’s name without any approval. 

    Bittu Bajrangi Imprisonment

    Bittu was the part of Nuh communal Violence, he issued threats to muslim community before the Brij mandal jalabhishek Yatra. As per the reports and investigation done by police, he was presented there. Thus, he was arrested on 15 August 2023 for carrying and snatching weapons from policemen. But, on the same day he was released on bail. The case was registered at Nuh Sadar police station. Along with bitty there was a person who was on the focal point of police’s consideration was Monu Manesar